Food & Wine Magazine celebrates remarkable women: chefs, artisans, authors, bakers, butchers and wine experts. The magazine does it often and with enthusiasm because of their extraordinary talent. Now Food & Wine is making an even more significant commitment to helping stellar women get the recognition they deserve. As a first step, the magazine has dedicated the entire January issue to visionary women.

Food & Wine is spotlighting astonishing women every day and would love to hear from you, too, so use the hashtag #FOODWINEWOMEN on Twitter (@foodandwine) to nominate the women who inspire you and why. Also, if you see any of our Slow Food chapter’s Tweets highlighting Western Slope women, please retweet!!

If you don’t have a Twitter account, email us and will post a tweet on your behalf! Read this nomination that was emailed to us:

By Sarah Bishop December 29, 2014

Karla Tschoepe is my nominee. She moved to the valley some 30 years ago (is approaching 80 now) and started ranching with Floy Singleton. (Karla’s daughter married Floy’s son, so the mothers-in-law decided to join forces.)

She raises cattle in a most sustainable and as close to organic manner as possible. Her philosophy is, “keep the soil healthy and everything that grows on it or eats what grows on it will be fine.” I seldom order beef in a restaurant because I know I have better beef in my own freezer, thanks to Karla.

For years she has butchered chickens for local growers. As she has moved out of that business, she has become an advocate for finding ways to help small chicken farmers process their meat. She was recently interviewed by The Western Colorado Congress, an environmental organization, that is contemplating legislation that will help small meat processors gain USDA certification, without incurring the time and cost Tyson Foods and the like have to expend.

For years, she has been a member of the Grange and a big supporter of its youth programs.

When you talk about someone being the “salt of the earth”, Karla comes to mind.

Slow Food Western Slope has highlighted several women already and will be posting a lot more this month.

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