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Fresh and Wyld Chicken Dinner

2015 Slow Food Food Meeting

Leaders for Colorado’s Slow Food chapters gathered in the North Fork Valley for farm and winery tours, dinner at Fresh & Wyld and meetings at the Hive.

2014 West Elks Wine Trail

The West Elks Wine Trail is the North Fork Valley’s premiere wine event of the year.

Slow Meat North Fork

Held on July 12, 2014 at the Paradise Theatre

2014 Ela Family Farm Tour

Orchard images taken during the Ela Family Farm tour in May.

Flim Flam 2013

Some images from our Food, Farm, Film, Wine Festival.

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The Slow Food Movement

25 years ago, Carlo Petrini and his friends started the Slow Food movement because they believed that they were on the verge of losing something beautiful, basic and essential to life: the diversity of food, the richness of our traditions, the connection between what we eat and how it is produced.

Since then, Slow Food has become the only movement to connect the pleasure of food with social responsibility; fighting for the fundamental right to good, clean and fair food for everyone.

Carlo is delighted and proud to share this video that captures what our movement has become.

Pass the Mic

As part of the effort to discover the values of community members, KVNF partnered with kids to interview residents of the North Fork Valley.

“Pass the Mic” is a youth storytelling and news corps program developed by KVNF in partnership with the North Fork Heart & Soul Project.

Agriculture reporters, Will Ela and Isaac Van Horn interview North Fork Valley rancher, Norm Smith.

Robyn O’Brien – Patriotism on a Plate

Do you know what you are eating? In this extraordinary personal account, Robyn O’Brien tells the story of how she started paying attention to what’s in food. The answer may surprise you and it will certainly inspire you to be more deliberate about your food choices

The Living Farm – Hidden Gem

Grand Junction’s News11 had a Hidden Gems series highlighting interesting spots in Colorado’s Western Slope. One of these spots was The Living Farm!

The Living Farm – A Cute Story

News11 added an additional video asking Lynn if she had an amusing story about The Living Farm…

Audio Clips

KVNF Local Motion – Agricultural Topics

Valley Organic Growers Association (VOGA) and KVNF are teaming together to create programming that focuses on various agricultural topics of the Western Slope.

Food Culture Shifts - Aired on KVNF - Feb 24, 2015

Emma and Matt talk about Slow Food

English As A Second Language Program

Thistle Whistle Farm

Seed Libraries - Aired on KVNF - May, 2015

Sarah Pope and Thistle Whistle's Mark Waltermire are featured

Pass the Mic

Here are more “Pass the Mic” youth reporters discussing various topics and interviewing producers.

Making a Profit

Isaac Van Horn shares an idea on how to help local organic farmers increase profits.

Mark Waltermire - Thistle Whistle Farm

Isaac Van Horn interviews Mark Waltermire of Thistle Whistle Farm.

Mike King - Revolution Brewing

Tao Freeman, interview Mike King, brewmaster and owner of Revolution Brewing in Paonia.

Organic vs. Conventional

Will Ela discusses the differences between organic and conventional farms.

Jeff Schwartz of Delicious Orchards

Will Ela interviews Jeff Schwartz from Delicious Orchards.

Benefits of Eating Locally

Noah Silverstein on the benefits of eating healthy, locally produced food.

Caring for an Orchard

Will Ela speaks with orchardist, Paul Thiliveris of Berg Family Farm.

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