Mike King is interviewed by Brewing Business in April 2015.

Listen to the Interview with Mike King.

Revolution Brewing mugsMike King of Revolution Brewing Co. has been serving great craft beer to his small town of Paonia Colorado, and has enjoyed the fruits of his labor. Traveling the country reaching out for education, while homebrewing every step of the way, Mike came back to where his roots were planted and jumped into the world of professional brewing. His philosophy isn’t to make a million dollars brewing but deliver the best beer that he can to customers, particularly to the town of Paonia. Mike doesn’t do anything the easy way, from custom brew kettles, a lack of using software, and refusing to pasteurize his beer believing it would take too much away from what the beer should be. Revolution is definitely revolutionary to the local craft beer market and Mike does it the best.

Why did you open a brewery in a small VS large town?
Mike has always been a small town guy, never really fitting in into the big city atmosphere. Mike traveling the country to many rual towns including Fairbanks, Alaska he found it natural to want to start a brewery in what is confortable. Mike isn’t out chasing the million dollar dream, he wanted to live comfortably with his family and this it the best way he knows how.

What got you started homebrewing?
Mike has a great relationship with his older brother who joined the homebrew hobby back when 18 was still legal to drink. Mike found himself washing bottles and mash tons before he was able to brew himself. Mike took this passion he learned from his older brother and spread his knowledge all over the country.

Why don’t you use brewing software?
Mike doesn’t find it necessary, he is able to do all the math and calculations the hard way and that’s the way he prefers it. Mike is an old school brewer and is kicking ass at it without the help of technology.


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