Kerry Noonan and Megan MacMillan

From Megan MacMillan’s North Fork Food Blog
June 6, 2014

How lucky are we? Our work consists of visiting beautiful farms and hanging with some of the hardest working folks out there, farmers! There’s no better friend to a chef than the farmers from the North Fork Valley. Each farm has it’s own special vibe and Rain Crow is no exception. Their two sweet children Otus & Twyla Mae can be seen playing in all corners of the fields while the awesome farm interns milk goats.  Kerry Noonan and her husband Jason moved to this valley in 2005 with the dream of starting their own organic farm. Rain Crow was born and their produce is some of the best we’ve ever tasted! Kerry was kind enough to show us around and explain all the incredible crops she’s got going right now and her plans for the summer. Stay tuned for more farm updates! Thanks Kerry, what a treat! Check them out @ Facebook


Courtesy of Megan MacMillan

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