Slow Food Western Slope

About Slow Food

The future of food is the future of the planet.

A better, cleaner and fairer world begins with what we put on our plates – and our daily choices determine the future of the environment, economy and society.

If you care about local farmers, ranchers, fishers; animal welfare; the joy of a shared meal; preserving food culture; protecting the environment or avoiding GMOs, we have a place for you at our table.

Who We Are

Slow Food Western Slope is part of Slow Food USA and the global Slow Food network of over 150,000 members in more than 150 countries. Through our network, we link the pleasures of the table with a commitment to protect the community, culture, knowledge and environment that make this pleasure possible.

Our mission as an international grassroots membership organization is good, clean and fair food for all.

Our food should be tasty, seasonal, local, fresh and wholesome.

Our food should nourish a healthful lifestyle and be produced in ways that preserve biodiversity, sustain the environment and ensure animal welfare – without harming human health.

Our food should be affordable by all, while respecting the dignity of labor from field to fork.

For All
Good, clean and fair food should be accessible to all and celebrate the diverse cultures, traditions and nations that reside in the USA.

What We Do

Working together with members and supporters in our area, across the nation and around the world, we:

We promote and share local foods and the producers. We support holistic alternatives to the industrial system through tastings, events and social opportunities; we explore and celebrate the Slow Life here in Colorado’s Western Slope.

We champion local  foods, customs and recipes – and bring these experiences into farms, markets, restaurants and homes. We teach the next generation how to grow, prepare and share food responsibly.

Conviviality is central to our mission. We are part of a global community, connecting people to the land and to each other through local projects, educational events and shared meals.

Learn more about Slow Food USA and Slow Food International.

Slow Food: Good, Clean and Fair Food for Everyone

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